Persians vs. Akkadians

The two empires that I am writing about are the Akkadian Empire which was from 2350-1900 B. C. E. And the Persian Empire, which was from 2000-330 B. C. E.
They were both very powerful and inventive. So first is the Persians. The Persian Empire was from 2000-330 BCE. Though they didn’t begin to, appear in the region east of Mesopotamia until 1300 BCE. The Persian Empire developed in 2000 BCE but at this time the Persians were very nomadic.So they really didn’t establish themselves until they came to Mesopotamia and started become more horticultural. They brought iron working skills with them to Mesopotamia; they were the only empire at the time who knew how to work with iron or even what it was!! They had an awesome administration.
They had many great kings, but by far the best in my opinion was Cyrus II, the great. He was a very skilled military leader and the Persian Empire conquered the Medes in 550 BCE, the Lydians in 546 BCE, and finally the greatest conquer of them all the Babylonians in 539 BCE. But the down fall of the Persian Empire was not so simple.Since they fell and then reestablished their empire over and over but the first time they fell was after king Xerxes died in 464 BCE. They fell because they had a failure of leadership. But realistically the Persian cultures and traditions live on in modern day Iran. Matter of fact Iran was called Persia until 1930 CE.

The Akkadian Empire was much different though. It was from 2334 BCE till 2279 BCE. The Akkadian Empire had a very good administration until Sargon and his family died out. Sargon ruled for 56 out of 142 years. He had amazing military skills and a military mind set. He put the grounds of military traditions into Mesopotamia.The development of this Empire was very simple.
In 2350 they moved from Arabia to Sumer. Conquering Sumer, and all areas connecting Mesopotamia to the Mediterranean Sea. The fall of the Akkadian empire was one of imperial rule. (They fell because of military defeat. ) The neighboring Babylonians wanted their land and took over Akkad by force. Which is also called Dominance. But their traditions were absorbed by the Babylonians because the Akkadian civilization was so advanced.
They also used their uniform system of weights and measures. So as you can see these two empires have many similarities and differences.For example they were both from the Mesopotamian region, but were originally from somewhere else. Also the Persian empire fell because of failure of leadership, and the Akkadians fell because of military defeat. They were both developed by river valleys because of their rich soil, fresh water, and agricultural advantages. Their administrations were fairly different though. Akkad’s was highly advanced, and the Persians were very economy based.
For example the kings in the Persian Empire were usually worried more about wealth and riches when they conquered another empire than learning their culture and how they ran things.But both Empires had very strong militaries. Though the Persians lasted a lot longer and were a lot larger. That is the basic similarities and differences. So finally, In conclusion the Persian Empire and the Akkadian empire were very different but also very similar in certain ways. They both had good administrations, but they were on completely different pages. They also both had major downfalls, but only the Persian empire rebuilt itself.
And finally they developed in similar ways, but with different cultures, and in different places. But they both ended up in Mesopotamia. So that is the Persians Vs. the Akkadians hope you learned a lot.

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