Peer Review Audience

Conduct two (2) peer reviews using language from the “Peer Review Sample” document and entering your feedback in the “Audience Analysis Peer Review Form” and returning the “Audience Analysis Peer Review Form” to your peer.

1) Use the “Audience Analysis Peer Review Form” below to provide feedback. 
2) Use the “Peer Review Sample” below to guide how you provide feedback.

You will receive deductions for the following: 
Not using complete sentences, -1 for each infraction 
Not answering each question on the form, -2 for each missing response
Not using the guided language from the “Peer Review Sample,” in each response, -1 for each infraction 
Using only one sentence responses for each question, -2 for each one sentence response
Due: Sunday of Week 1 by 11:59pm CDT as a “reply” to your peer’s post.
Peer Review Sample: peer review sample.pdf       (use this form only to model the appropriate language to use when completing the peer review form below.  You do not need to mark up your peers’ drafts; just complete the peer review form)
Audience Analysis Peer Review Fillable Form: Audience Analysis Peer Review Form.pdf 

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