Pauline Breedlove Life

Pauline Breedlove Life


Character Analysis Paper Pauline Breedlove (Polly), one of the story’s main characters, who is also the mother of Pecola and Sammy Breedlove and spouse of Cholly Breedlove, can be seen as a violent figure towards her family and seems to have a negative outlook on life. The reason behind all this behavior can be better understood if we were to consider her past, the time frame this story was in, and which then would bring us to how it’s affecting others around her. Pauline always seemed to have been troubled.


What happened to Pauline in The Bluest Eye?

It all began with her foot that she injured as a little girl; she had gotten a nail in it, leaving her with a limp. After she started limping, her dream of becoming an actress seemed unrealistic because of her flaw. Things didn’t get much better from that either. In Lorain, Ohio, she later ends up with Cholly, where she becomes lonely and isolated; she doesn’t fit in with the northern women and understands their mannerisms. Later we find out one day, while she was at the movies, she lost her front tooth from biting down too hard on a piece of candy.


Who is Mrs. Breedlove in The Bluest Eye?

Which, in the end, led her to believe she was ugly, and her husband didn’t help much since he was under the influence of alcohol most of the time. The limp, the loss of her tooth, and how she felt about her current living situation caused her to not care about herself, and it showed how she started caring for her house and her soon-to-be family. The story is set in the 1940s where blacks weren’t looked upon as that great. At the time, Pauline had quite a bit of obstacles blocking her way of becoming an actress.


The limp, her missing tooth, her skin color, and her looks. Her physical appearance wasn’t up to the ideal beauty: blond hair, blue eye eyes, and light-skinned. Since the story takes place back when racism was still relevant, there was nothing for a person like Pauline to look up to, so what she lived with every day and seeing herself made her grow self-hatred for herself. The self-hatred she had made an impact on the people she dealt with in her life.
The anger she had deep within herself for not being good enough resulted in the mistreatment of her children and neglecting her duties of being a good wife and mother.


The viewing of herself as ugly led her to believe her family was ugly too. The way she viewed life also made her treat her job a certain way; Pauline thought that if she couldn’t make herself beautiful, treating her profession would replace that. Working for the Fishers, a white household, caused her to live in a somewhat fantasy world.
Unlike the love and care she showed towards the Fisher family, her actual family never received that type of treatment; beatings, fights, and arguments were constant in the Breedlove household.


So, in the end, the reflections on a person’s past can shape them to be who they are. For Mrs. Breedlove, it is easily seen that past events caused her to harm her and the others involved in her life, and with it being back when times were hard, especially for African Americans, it only made the situation worse. Still, it all shaped Pauline Breedlove into the person she is.