Patients leaving against medical advise

Patients leaving against medical advise in the Emergency Department.

Case Study #1 requires a short 2 to 3 page paper, following full APA 6th edition guidance. That includes a title page, and formatting consistent with APA7th edition. In a short paper like this, an abstract and a running head are not needed. Only one heading level is needed, please consult APA7th edition for use of headings. The reference list must include at least 4 scholarly references and be formatted according to APA7th edition.

The paper must be submitted via the case study #1 dropbox provided for this purpose by 10/4/2020.

Using PDSA

Patients leaving against medical advise

Many students choose a variety of conceptual models for their DNP project. Similarly, healthcare organizations often adopt the PDSA model for their quality improvement or performance improvement initiatives. Sometimes the model emerges from various leadership theories (<link is hidden> Kotter’s Change Model), or related to the topic specifically, like using Wagner’s Chronic Illness model for a project on heart failure (HF) or type 2 diabetes (DM2). Sometimes organizations using Donabedian’s model of structure, process and outcome. But often, when students attempt a DNP project using a quality improvement lens, they choose an implementation model like model like PDSA and then craft their project using this approach. You have already had some exposure to PDSA when you completed the IHI Basic certificate. You can read more about PDSA at <link is hidden> (Links to an external site.)

Use a topic that you are interested in for your DNP project or an outcome measure that needs improvement at your organization, and craft an initial attempt by designing a PDSA specifically for your DNP project or the QI initiative of interest. (As the IHI points out, most successful QI projects require iterative PDSA cycles, small tests of change). What might one PDSA cycle look like if you were attempting to use a QI approach to your DNP topic or in your organization? You may use the IHI’s PDSA worksheet to assist you (which you can get from the <link is hidden> website, however, this short paper is to be written as an APA7th edition paper, with approximately 3 to 5 pages to describing your proposed PDSA cycle.

Any discussions, interviews or conversations that you have at a site for this project will all be time that can be counted towards practicum hours.

Take a look at some successful student projects at the school of nursing website to get some ideas in order to complete this assignment: 

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