Pathophysiology of T8 spinal cord injury

Pathophysiology of T8 spinal cord injury. The cellular description section should be a minimum of 2 pages in length (no more than 3), double spaced and in APA formatting, with proper in-text citations. It needs be written in medical language; not “layman’s terms.” This means you should write it as if other medical professionals will be reading it and not patients. When choosing sources stay away from Mayo Clinic and WebMD as these are written for the general population and not medical professionals. The CDC and other Government organizations are great sources for stats and lab values but you should also find a Pathophysiology book or Med-Surg Textbook not older than the past five years that will help you with the disease process. Reputable journal articles are also good sources.

Pathophysiology of T8 spinal cord injury

• All other sections (other than cellular description) may be bulleted (i.e. Sign and Symptoms; Diagnostics, Treatments) and these may be single-spaced.
• You can search for scholarly articles on the topic you are researching. You must have at least two sources for your patho.
• Make sure you are in-text citing in every section. There should be several in-text citations within the cellular description section.
scholarly articles and must be within 5 years for references.

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