paper- juvenile delinquence

  Original work. less than 20% plagiarism. APA format.  Must look up and read book.
Your written paper for this course will demonstrate your understanding of various theories of juvenile delinquency and what you have read in “All God’ Children” author Fox Butterfield. 
In a 4-5 page paper you will need to apply strain theory, social learning theory, control theory, and labeling theory to Willie Bosket’s situation. In other words, discuss how each theory can explain how Willie became a juvenile delinquent. After you have applied each theory choose one of the four theories that you feel best explains Willie’s juvenile delinquency and explain why you feel this way. Or, if you have another theory, discuss and explain that theory. Finally, offer some ideas/solutions as to how Willie’s life of delinquency could have been avoided. Or, do you think Willie was destined for a life of crime? If your answer is yes, what factors make you believe this? 
All papers must: 
1) Use your textbook and All God’s Children as references. You can use additional references if you wish. 
2) Use APA style of referencing and include a References page. You do not need to include an abstract. 
3) Be double-spaced with one inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font. 
4) Include a title page with your name, SOC 210 Term Paper, and Spring 2019. 
5) Papers should not be less than 4 typed pages: the 4 page minimum does not include the title page. 

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