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This the project that we have done last week and please go through above and before you work on the below topic 
Work on incident analysis and scope
In addition to the tradeoff decisions, legal issues, and the use of automated technology to in the incident detection process, designated groups must be a part of the Incident Analysis and Scope determination process. 
Organizations designate groups to have the primary responsibility for dealing with unexpected situations and reestablishing the security of the organization’s information assets. The members of these groups are carefully selected to ensure the appropriate range of skills. The IR Reaction team, which will be discussed in this chapter, is responsible for responding to declared incidents.
Learning Activities
• Chapter 5: Incident Response: Detection and Decision Making
Graded Activities
Team Discussion
Incident Analysis and Scope. The team discussion will continue with this weeks topic.  Be sure to discuss the topic from the purview of your perspective team (the name of your team)

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