Factors that led to the ERP Evolution
Write a research paper which explores the history that brought about the creation of ERP systems. Then the strong adoption of these systems between 1990’s and 2000’s. Lastly cover what’s new to ERP. What advances have occurred or are expected to happen?  Assume the audience for your paper is for the most part non-technical and unfamiliar with these concepts. Your goal is to educate the reader on each.
Format of paper
· 5 pages in length
· Normal 12 point font and double space
· Cover page & running header 
· Introduction – purpose of paper
· The three sections are clearly labeled (History, Factors, Future) 
· APA format with minimum of 20 references
· Conclusion 
· No Abstract is required 
History of ERP systems
· Where and when did they start? 
· Who were the major software players?
· Who were the early adapters?
· When did they fail?
Factors in acceptance and growth of use
· How did they create a business advantage?
· What is the significance of year 2000?
· What were the top five to ten factors that encourage companies to use them? Make sure you do at least a paragraph on each of these.
· What are the latest features or additions to ERP systems?
· What are some of the future expectations of ERP systems or enhancements?
· Are there any disrupters?
· Research and describe the offering from three companies

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