a) What Caught your Attention,

b) What you Learned from these courses,

·      Accounts Receivable Overview
·      General Ledger Overview
·      Assets Overview
·      Electronic Funds Transfer Overview
·      Contact Management Overview
·      Inventory Overview
·      Purchase Orders Overview
·      Goods in Transit Overview
·      Goods Received Notes Overview
·      Sales Orders Overview
·      Sales Analysis Overview
·      Product Configurator Overview
·      Return Merchandise Authorization Overview
·      Return to Supplier Overview
·      Lot Traceability Overview
·      Trade Promotions Overview
·      Bill of Materials Overview
·      The SYSPRO Interface
·      Work in Progress Overview
·      Quotations Overview
 .     Cash Book Overview
.     Accounts Payable Overview
.     Accounts Receivable Overview
.       SYSPRO Programs
·      Requirements Planning Overview
·      Engineering Change Control Overview
·      Inventory Planning Overview
·      Manufacturing Operations Management Overview

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