Panofsky Blog Post

View the lecture slides on art historian and theorist Erwin Panofsky attached below BEFORE completing this assignment.

1. Select a work of art of your choice from The Met Museums website (CLICK LINK) (Be sure to select a work that you can find AMPLE research on! I.e. don’t pick an obscure artist that has little information!) 
2. Include the image of your work with proper citation in your blog entry. (Artists name, title (in italics) year created, medium, source.)
3. Analyze the artwork using Panofky’s 3 levels of interpretation: The Natural (or primary), the Conventional (or secondary), The Intinsic (or tertiary). Be sure to subtitle each level.

-Natural Level: Keep the natural level simple – describe the scene without using any cultural knowledge! You can also include elements of design here!
-Conventional Level: Use your own cultural understanding to analyze the work – before you do any research!
-Intrinsic Level: Include at least 1 research source in the Instrinsic level – this level is about looking ‘outside the picture frame’ after all! (Properly cite this source as a footnote at the end of your entry!)

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