Pain and Coping

You will send a 4 (Thorough!) single spaced summary of what you have reviewed and what you learned. (just so I know they are completed). FOR ANY CREDIT: 1) IT MUST BE 4 FULL pages single spaced; 2) you must refer to the content of each aspect of the assignment (ppts, videos, readings, etc); and 3) give a few statements on the assignments as far as what you learned, what you didnt know, your reaction to the activity what is most important, what you liked/didn’t like about the activity. If your first reaction summary is not correct I will allow you to resubmit it the following week.

7: Pain and Coping

Read Chapter 11 and 29 in your book
Read pdf of chapters 12 and 13: clinical cases in pediatric procedural pain and chronic pain
Finally, read the chapter on coping. This is an overview of how to help children cope with chronic illness. Many of these techniques may relate to the topic of your paper in some ways but the readings is to show you the kinds of recommendations you would either give parents, teachers, staff, medical staff, community members, friends, family…when working with/living with children with chronic illness.  

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Case Discussion

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Human Growth and Development

 Please find below the instructions. The assignment must be submitted by the due date provided. Please note that it must be a minimum of 4 double-spaced typed pages.  Please note….


  Assignment 3: Recruiting, Selection, and Training Due Week 6 and worth 200 points Use the Internet or the Strayer Library to research a company for whom you would like….