Pahela Baishakh

Pahela Baishakh 1st day of Baishakh is the Bengoly new year counting day. We the people of Bangladesh celebrate it with different types of activities. This day comes with lots of hope. Pahela Baishakh is the biggest festival of Bangladesh. By reminding our food, our culture reminds us who we are and where we all are came from. On this day we start with “Panta Ilish”. With this tasty food we feel our old days, when there was a proverb, “???? ???? ?????? ”. Different kinds of vartas , pithas etc are also seen spreading it’s own scent.
Air smells the bengoly flavour with Baishakhi foods. Different types of fair and program are seen here and there. Ramna Batamul is the main point ,where all people get together. Charukola gets a new festive look on this day. Cultural programs are very common affair in these types of fair. Rabindra sangeet and classical dance is the highlighted activity of these programs. Pahela Baishakh comes with new color to make us more hapy and ambitious. In pahela Baishakh shopkeepers and businessmen open new halkhata. Which is the new book of their accountance.
They welcome all customers with sweets and sandes. This tradition indicates the end of all past evidence and start of a new colorful journey. Pahela Baishakh is for all Bengoly people. No matter from which religion or which color he is. Different people of different cast comes from different places to celebrate 1st day of bengoly new year. It reminds us our historical past and our golden culture. It teaches us to be united as Bangladeshi forgetting all differences. Pahela Baishakh is our glorious event ,which we celebrate with proud from our core of the heart.

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