PA module

You will notice that the self-test and demonstration case solutions provided in this module and other modules attempt to cover all possible solutions and to provide an example of an “exceeds” solution. They may, therefore, be longer than would be required in an examination situation. You may wish to use the Competency Area Checklist to help you sort through the case data. Once you have determined which competency areas are relevant, consider the specific issues that need to be addressed. At times, the course materials use generic dates rather than real dates.
When you come across instances of generic dates, consider the date to correspond with standards that are currently In effect. Overview In keeping with your role as an accountant, your ability to communicate effectively is a professional quality and skill that you are expected to demonstrate in all of your assignments, whether for study or for work. You will also be expected to demonstrate several communication competencies on the PAP examination. The module provides practical suggestions for enhancing your writing skills and opportunities for self- assessing your writing ability.
This module introduces the case analysis process. It gives you to a step-by-step framework for approaching case questions and provides tips on how to avoid common errors in responding to case questions. The framework is designed to enhance your case analysis skills as you practice with self-test cases and prepare your responses to assignment cases. You learn about different forms of analysis, both quantitative and qualitative, and review strategies for generating alternatives and selecting decision criteria. The evaluation of alternatives and final recommendation

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