Overview: Economic Issues in the Middle East on Oil

Oil In today’s society one of the economic issues has been in the Middle East on oil. Oil was the backbone of the western countries and it was very important to imperial and super powers, such as France, Britain, United States of America and the former Soviet Union. One critic says, “That the declining Ottoman Empire paved way for the rising European imperial and colonial powers interested in securing various territories and controlling access to Asia”.
So as a result, western populations have been influence to a type of propaganda or life style of the Arab and other people in the Middle East, especially Israel. Another Educated critic says, “In the Middle East is the most militaries region in the world and most arms sales head there. A suppressed people that sees US influence as a major root cause of the current problems in the Middle East has led to a rise in Islamic militancy, acts of terrorism and anti-west sentiment, anti-US in particular.
When looking at some of the actions of the US, it can often be seen why this is unfortunately so”. Third critic says, “To maintain superiority, control and influence over the region, the West has placed corrupt Arab leaders into positions of power and supported the overthrow of those that are not seen as favorable. The writer personally thinks that it should not be a person over the goods such as oil, cotton, and others resources in the Middle East.

Problems with supplies and resources where an issue everywhere around the world but mainly in Asia round the Middle East countries known to be Iraq, Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. The Last Critic says, “This has also served to keep their populations at bay, in return for implementation, power and personal wealth of the elite. Sometimes this has been done in the name of fighting communism. The common theme underlying it though has been the struggle to control access to important resources such as oil”. Overview: Economic Issues in the Middle East on Oil By Loganberries

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