Overcoming an Eating Disorder in USA

Overcoming an Eating Disorder in USA. When I was first diagnosed with anorexia in eighth grade, it took time before I got comfortable in my own skin. Anorexia refers to an eating disorder that results in having low body weight and an intense fear of being overweight. When the condition first took a toll on my body, all I remember is comparing my arms with those of other people and feeling like I was overweight. I wanted was to be equally small and look as great as other people. It took a while before my parents realized I was not eating since I was used to eating from my bedroom. I burned a lot of calories within a short period and still felt I needed to do more and before long my parents realized something was terribly wrong.

Going home from school I would meet my worried parents and it was clear the situation was stressing them. However, for me, I was always proud of getting thinner than most of my schoolmates. I was not the prettiest, the smartest, or the tallest but I was on my way to achieving a golden spot as the thinnest. My parents tried to make me eat but later when I went to my room I would try to throw up and sleep hungry. Unfortunately, there was nothing much they could do as it was impossible to force food down my throat and I was always quick to dismiss their concerns.

Overcoming an Eating Disorder in USA

My life became harder as I started missing school as a result of feeling weak and insecure. At night I would feel hungry but I fought to be strong and stay away from food as much as I could. To distract myself, I tried studying which bore no fruits. One day, my parent took me to the doctor who stated that I was experiencing abnormal rhythms of the heart and there were chances I could suffer from heart problems. Additionally, the doctor suggested that weight gain and healthy eating habits would help suppress other risk factors associated with anorexia. My parents assumed that the doctor’s revelation would be a wakeup call but for me, I thought the doctor was just jealous and wanted me to get fat. The healthy part of my brain tried to breathe life to me but the disorder made me fight the treatment. I later suffered from anemia and bone loss which resulted in me being hospitalized. Unfortunately, I spend freshman, sophomore, and junior fighting the disorder and making trips to New York to see some of the best doctors.

The day I gave in to treatment my life changed for the better. I realized that things were getting out of control and threatening my existence. Recovery was not easy considering that part of me desired to remain thin and miss my meals. However, after months of crying to sleep and gaining thirty pounds, the doctor assured me and my parents I was making great progress. I wish I could say that I am a hundred percent healed, cured of fixed but I have not reached the end of the road yet. However, I believe getting into college offers me a new start to redefine my school life. Sometimes we are faced with hard decisions and the most intensive might be the best choice. I believe with the right mentality everything in life is achievable. Therefore, anorexia will not define my future or my grades as I will push hard for greatness.

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