Outline for Gmo

Genetically –modified food of persuasion Specific Purpose: To persuade our audience that genetically modified foods are not safe for consumption. Central Idea: Genetically modified foods may bring a new allergen that we may not be prepared to treat. We put more synthetic toxins into our bodies. I. Introduction A. (Attention Getter) Soon, kids may actually have a good reason not to eat vegetables. Genetically modified foods, vegetables and fruits, “Frankedfoods”, are making their way from science labs to the dinner table.

B. (Thesis Statement) The processed food that has the entire chemical added in it in order to make the food to last longer has the effect of harming the people due to the fact that everyone has their own reaction to certain chemicals. C. (Justification) Currently genetically modified (GM) crops are grown in more than 25 countries. Big transitional companies are carrying out dangerous global experiment by introducing large numbers of genetically modified foods into our diet. D. Speaker Credibility) I work at the fast food industry for about six years and I know fast food is bad but I didn’t know how bad it really is. After researching and reading articles about engineered food I have learn so much more what the food contains and it is shocking. E. (Preview of Main points) 1. First I will discuss the health problems of GM foods. 2. Next, how it is important to label the food, and how the government should be involved. 3. Lastly, how we can stop genetically modified foods.

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Negative Effects of Genetically Modified Food/Crops

Author: Instructor: Course Title: Date: Negative Effects of Genetically Modified Food/Crops Genetically modified organisms refer to organisms whose genetic components have been changed to produce an unnatural occurrence. Genetic engineering….

What attitudes does consumers have on purchasing genetically modified foods (GMF)?

“Genetically modified (GM) foods are food items that have had their DNA changed through genetic engineering. ” (Mavis 2008). As the population of the world has continued to grow, the….

Gmo Soybeans

There GMOs in almost everything that we eat. GMO stands for genetically modified organism. “Genetic modification occurs when genes from one organism are transferred to another in ways that do….