Osteogenesis and Osteoporosis


Osteogenesis and Osteoporosis

Osteogenesis and Osteoporosis


In order to understand the role of bones within the body, watch the videos and read the article below to help you identify the names and classifications of bones. The first video explains the structure of the bones. The second video describes bone loss and the effects of osteoporosis. The article discusses how technology is used to help humans and animals when they have bone and joint disease.


difference between osteogenesis imperfecta and osteoporosis





Watch both videos and read the article before making your initial post.


Structure of Bone Tissue – Bone Structure Anatomy – Components of Bones (Links to an external site.) (3:01)


Osteoporosis – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim (Links to an external site.) (11:06)


Article“Innovations in Human-Bone Repair and Replacement” (Links to an external site.)

Consider how the bones are structured, the role they play in the body, the causes and impact of osteogenesis and osteoporosis, and the ways in which science is working to help with bone regeneration. According to the article, stem cells and other lab-made materials are now used in the lab to create bone cells.

HydroxyColl, a synthetic-bone-graft substitute, can attract stem cells to grow new bone cells. In the videos, you learned that one of the common diseases that affects the skeletal system is osteoporosis.

Using the information from both videos and the article, create an initial post using the following prompt. Your initial post needs to address each discussion point.


early-onset osteoporosis and osteogenesis imperfecta


Discussion Prompt

  • Describe the normal process of osteogenesis for compact and spongy bone using the three different types of bone cells and their functions. Then, explain how injecting HydroxyColl into the knee joint will help the process of osteogenesis. Be sure to include details of the regeneration process.
  • Compare how the different osteocytes in both compact and spongy cells are affected in osteoporosis. Don’t forget to include how the organic material like calcium and phosphorus are affected in osteoporosis.


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