Organizational Psychology- A4

Assignment                     4 
Essays Part I:
Your assignments must reflect analysis and synthesis of the material  presented in this course. All assignments MUST be typed and  double-spaced, in APA style and must be written at graduate level  English. The content, conciseness and clarity of your answers will be  considered in the evaluation of your work. The average length of answers  to essay questions is 3-4 pages, although some answers may vary. You  must integrate the material presented in the text and cite your work  according to APA format. Use of the internet and the University Virtual  Library is encouraged.
1.  Describe the 9 major job performance criteria.  Integrate your personal  experiences into each criteria and explain why each is important.  Find  related websites, videos (youtube), or articles that you believe further  explains 3 of these criteria and include the links or citations in your  response.
2.  Describe a job scenario where dynamic performance criteria would apply.   Explain the details and the reasons for the changes.  (1 page).

Muchinsky, P. M.   (2016).   Psychology applied to work (with study guide).   (11th ed).   Belmont, CA   Hypergraphic Press.     ISBN 9780974934501

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