organizational change ( not negotiating budget) due oct 5th

Organizational Change
Find a company that went through a big change within the last 12 months. The change may be a merger, buyout, downsizing, expansion, new marketing strategy, culture change within the company, change in CEO, or any other type of change. The company can be local or international.
Analyze the company and then in a PowerPoint® presentation, with voice-over, address the following:

Describe the company’s history and identify the change.
Select the type of change – adaptive, innovative – or radically innovative, and explain your rational for your selection.
Describe if the change is reactive or proactive.

Ex: Reactive type of change – BP’s reactive approach to the April 2010 explosion led to the loss of 11 lives and is the largest oil spill in US waters.
Ex: Proactive – Walt Disney investing $1 Billion in wearable technology – wristbands that interact with scanner throughout the them park, which it hopes will revolutionize the way visitors spend money at Walt Disney World.

Explain how the change has or will impact the company (positively, negatively, or both).
Conclusion – provide any recommendations or ideas that can help the company overcome the change.

Your presentation should be approximately 5 slides. Have approximately 4–6 bullets per slide, and be sure to include a reference slide to show your research and at minimum you need to have two scholarly sources. Include graphics or animations to enhance your presentation.
For assistance in creating a PowerPoint® presentation with voice-over, review the information on the Video Presentation Guide.

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