Organizational Behaviour

For this assignment, select one of the personality assessment tools we’ve  (BigFive, MBTI, DiSC) and conduct one of the assessments on yourself. There are free versions of the assessments available online.
Write a paper that is an analysis and self-reflection on the results of those assessments:
1. Describe (briefly) the tool you used. Describe your results and explain what they mean,
according to the interpretation key and also according to your own opinion.
2. Using the text book as a reference as well as other peer-reviewed articles (at least four), explain
how your results may impact your approach to your work, your leadership style and abilities, the
most suitable work environment for you and any other important considerations.
3. Were you surprised by the results? What do you think they mean for your career ambitions? Do
they support your current ambitions or have they led you to reconsider those ambitions? Have
you discovered areas in which you think you may want to improve?
Write a 1,500-word paper written in essay format respecting the NEW APA guidelines (new 7th Edition).
Your paper should include a title page, an abstract, the body of the assignment, a conclusion and

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