Organization culture & Deutsche Bank

Organization culture & Deutsche Bank.
Deutsche Bank is one of the leading banks in America. It is a German bank in the United States of America which is under the jurisdictional of the United States of America, the ultimate holding company being the Deutsche Bank AG. It is one of the organizations which I admire to the highest capacity. I mostly admire this bank and feel that I may be part of it is organization simply because it has integrated both the American and the German organization culture thus becoming one of the multi national organizations.
At the same capacity this organization follows the European Union plans up to the highest level. This organization has developed it is own information technology system which is of much importance to the managerial system, this also helps the internal auditing appropriately. At the same time it provides private wealth management and asset management services to the private institution and other clients organization that may be willing to work in collaboration with their organization. It has developed some policy guidelines which help to remove the weak supply of risk.
Thus the organization culture of this organization needs to be admired to the highest level. This organization shares the values of communication skills and their systems at large and it has currently developed it is own internal information technology network which is used to supply and store all information regarding the functioning of this bank. It has greatly implemented the principle of role delineation, that every individual in the operational capacity has a specific role to play and this makes everybody to be responsible.

This organization has developed the common language of communication; mostly it has the English language as the medium of communication thus making it possible for the smooth transaction between the customers and the employees. This Bank has the common vision, in that the main purpose of it is establishment is to serve the clients up to the best level possible. This organization has embodied much of the primary characteristics of an organization culture.
The most important of all being the mission, the Deutsche bank as it is own mission at hand. The basic mission is to serve the clients up to the highest capacity all over the global world. The organization has a lot of vision which has been contributed by both the managerial and other employers in general. This is achieved by overriding orientation between the employers from the lowest rank to the highest level hence the principle of management has been utilized up to the highest capacity to increase the productivity of the bank.
Planning, which is one of the characteristic in any of the successful organization has been included in this bank; there is a strong planning strategy in general which has been obtained by great financiers and the most experienced bankers in the global arena. Without the proper planning, there would be no any success in this organization. This organization has also developed the strategies for measuring it is success in general, it has developed the performance prism technology which is a test using score card to estimate their performance.
It can not be forgotten that this organization has an overall organization structure which has to be in place for any organizational to be functional, the hierarchy of management is of much importance, it has the general managing director, directors, trustees, managers, and other working staff, every member has been assigned a specific role to play in the organization. Supervisory system is one of the paramount essential of this organization, at every level there is a supervisor who conducts specific role, through the supervision of the workers it brings about the improvement in the performance.
In this bank there is status and rewards which are given in the form of bonuses to both the clients and the employers according to their performance; this has greatly improved the general performance of the bank since it motivates the members. I can conclude that this organization has a strong culture which has made the operational of the bank to be more productive, otherwise without this cultural strategies the bank would not have been no where to compete in the global arena.
I can conclude that the organization culture of this bank is customer responsive since it is implementing it is policies to suit the customer needs. On further research about the customers needs and values regarding the Deutsche bank organizational structure is that the customers are in need of a lot of security system in their banking services, this may be obtained through the introduction of the security custody reporting system which will protect the customers finances and other properties which as been invested in the bank.
The customers also are in need of the on-line bill payment, this will provide the urgency of the services and at the same time save the cost of traveling from one destination to another hence lowering the costs. The customers also need to have automatic payments of their bills regardless of the location thus masking them global ventures. At the same time the customers wish that, the general performance of the bank staff should be of high performance so as to increase the working standards of the bank and maximize the outputs.
On regard to the performance of the Deutsche bank there are some of the customer service standards which usually need to be implemented up to the highest level which will encourage the employees to provide the best customer service possible. The most important standard is to use the integrated financial planning process to customers enabling them to increase their financial investments up to the highest level possible. At the same time their needs to be implemented the services of security custody reporting system; this will lead to more safety on the customers’ finances.
Their needs to be an increment of loans for individuals and business customers, this will improve both the profits of the customers and the banks at large. On the other hand the bank in general needs to improve the information technology in the banking system up to the highest level, this includes the use of the computers to carry out all of the transaction respectively, this reduces theft by the fraudsters who are in an increase nowadays, at the same time this will increase the efficiency of serving the customers and makes the work less tedious to the staff members.
On the other hand, the employers needs to be given incentives in the form of the bonuses, this will motivate the employees and make them work more harder than before hence increasing the quality of the services offered to customers. Shelton et al, (1997) demonstrate that the employees need to have moral understanding with the customers since this provides the best working environment hence improving the performance.
Improvement of the public relations is of paramount importance in this organization; this promotes the mutual understanding between the employees and the customers at large thus increasing the productivity. References Sheriton, et al. 1997. Corporate Culture , Team culture: Removing the Hidden Barriers to Team Success. New York; American Management Association.

Organization culture & Deutsche Bank

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