Oregon ballots should not come with paid envelopes

Oregon ballots should not come with paid envelopes. As we have covered in class and in the various Question at Issue handouts, every argument begins with a question. It is now time for you to propose a question at issue that will be the basis for your essay. The essay that you are going to compose will need to use at least one op-ed or editorial from The Register-Guard and at least one peer-reviewed source from a research database.

Oregon ballots should not come with paid envelopes

So, when considering your question at issue, take those requirements into consideration. This does not, however, mean that you should try to reproduce an editorial or op-ed’s argument. There are many ways in which you can use sources without either agreeing or even disagreeing with their conclusion(s). You will now provide the Question at Issue, Argument Sentence, and Premise for your essay (Essay 2.1). 

Make sure that the argument sentence is in the format of [thesis because primary reason] and be sure to use the Premise handout for help in identifying the premise once you have identified the Argument Sentence in the correct format.
You must fill out and submit this checklist when you submit Essay 1. Put an “X” next to each item if you have formatted the essay correctly.

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