Order Plagiarism Free Paper

Order Plagiarism Free Paper

Order Plagiarism Free Paper

Guarantee of Plagiarism Free paper

One of our primary goals as an administration that offer assistance with scholarly papers is to uphold academic integrity by delivering high quality and authentic work. Plagiarism can be equated to academic theft and we hold the perception that students who submit a plagiarism-free paper portray trust, honesty, respect, fairness, and responsibility as core values for academic success. In our effort to secure your academic future, each paper we deliver is run through our infringement identification programming.

How we go about it

Our plagiarism checker relies on advanced software to identify content with similar matches. The software crawls indexes and content and searches for similar work on the internet. After making a comparison, it generates a report that shows content that matches with other work. Notably, the software does not rely on keywords but rather crawled pages or content located in the database. Other plagiarism aspects that our software is able to detect include:

  • Modified sentences in terms of word arrangement and sentence structure
  • The use of synonyms as a strategy to hide similarity of the content
  • Change of voice from active to passive and clauses to phrases and vice versa

The above strategies are commonly used to avoid plagiarism but do not guarantee copyright infringement issues. However, you can be assured that our team of profession is dedicated to delivering original papers.

Why it is critical to avoid plagiarism on your papers

Order Plagiarism Free Paper

For starters, in any case, one is caught with the offence of plagiarism, it is common to lose the respect of peers and mentors. Aside from that, most institutions have laid out policies and taken action against the student. For instance, a student may get suspended or expelled from the school based on the intent and nature of plagiarism. The development of the Internet has allowed instructors to access software that detects offence. Thus, it is important to base a paper on an original idea and offer credit to other sources used through in-text citation and references.

Secondly, it is not only students that are required to avoid plagiarism. Teachers and other scholars lose their trustworthiness and credibility once they engage in plagiarism, even when it might have been accidental.  We, therefore, encourage our clients to note the seriousness of the issue and check whether their work is original.

Help with an already plagiarized paper

Order Plagiarism Free Paper

At qualityessays.net we take pride in ensuring our customers achieve academic success. We have worked with thousands of students and have managed to maintain authenticity in each paper delivered. Therefore, we have helped students, especially those with a tight schedule to complete all their course assignments without any hitch.

Overall, our goal is to deliver genuine work. Our able team take the shortest time possible to make the correction and prevent further inconveniences. We are available 24/7 for further clarifications.