Oraganization Behavior

Course Overview:
What do you need to do to distinguish yourself in the workplace? Clearly, technical skills are necessary. But they are not enough. Frequently, technically skilled individuals are not able to get their ideas implemented. Sometimes ideas get implemented but without real commitment to them. To be successful in an organization, a person needs to be able to function effectively in interacting with others. Interpersonal skills such as communicating well, handling conflict, building relationships, exercising power, and motivating others are necessary to be a successful manager. The knowledge and skills learned in this class should enable you, with practice and commitment, to contribute more meaningfully to any group or organization to which you belong.
Course Objectives:

Having taken this course, you should be able to:
1) Better diagnose “problems” that may be causing difficulties in the workplace.
2) Think more critically and systematically about these problems.
3) Recognize opportunities for organizational improvements.
4) Translate theoretical knowledge into practical action more effectively.
5) Work more collaboratively in a team.
6) Speak and write more clearly, concisely, and effectively.
7) Exercise power so that others follow your direction.
8) Develop better insight into what makes you “tick”.
Course Materials:
1. Two cases should be ordered from Harvard Business School Publishing (hold off on ordering for the first four weeks of class): (a) Jet Blue (#9-801-354) and (b) Thomas Green: Power, Politics, and a Career Crisis (#2095). It is possible that a third case may be added to this list.
2. There will be a number of handouts.
3. There is no textbook for this course. Rather, I will rely on your getting access to several articles that are available online through our library (if you need help accessing these, please let me know). The articles are also available in our library. You also may be able to find articles via a Web search using a browser such as Google. A couple of articles will be handed out. I would recommend that you get a binder or a folder to hold the class materials.
Course Requirements:
I will post announcements on the course’s website concerning assignments.
If you are unclear on what is due or what will be covered in the next class, send me an email.
1. Attendance: Your attendance is critical for the success of this course and for your individual performance. If you miss a class, you are responsible for the material covered.
2. Participation: Students are expected to participate during class discussions of cases, handouts, videos, and readings. I encourage you to bring relevant issues from the “real world” to our attention.
3. Assignments: (more detail will be provided during class and via web site announcements).

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