Operations management process steps

Operations management process steps.Chapter 11 Assignment – Method: Operations Management & Quality
In this case study, we visit Method, an entrepreneurial high end green soap manufacturer, as we examine operations management and quality. 

Case Study Synopsis
Method is a producer of premium soap products. The company uses natural ingredients and production methods that are less toxic and wasteful than competitors, while keeping prices low enough to stay competitive. Operations management plays an important role in achieving these goals. The steps of operations management include developing a business strategy, planning operations, operations scheduling, operations control, and quality control. By following these steps, Method is able to keep the quality of the company’s products high and the prices reasonable.

Review the chapter 11 study materials.
Watch video:

After completed reviewing the chapter 11 study materials and watching the video, create a Word document in which the questions are addressed. 

Submission Instructions:
Paper should be a neatly formatted, single-spaced Word document.
Cite references from the textbook and any other sources you find appropriate following APA guidelines.
If possible, please answer questions in order

Case Study Questions:
Describe what is meant by operations management
Analyze each of the steps involved in the operations management process, providing examples of the process in Method’s operations.
Define Method’s business strategy.
Explain the factors used at Method to select suppliers. Identify which factors are considered most important and explain why. 
Examine Method’s approach to its facility, and how it contributes to Method’s mission. 
Describe the concept of facilty layout and the reason it is important to business success. 
Method owners sought to exercise its environmental principles for the facility even though Method and its facility vendor don’t own the building, and are unable to install the solar panels. Explain the unique way Method chose to overcome this barrier
Explain the actions Method engaged in to "create a more beautiful and engaging product".

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