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a 250-word summary of your class notes here. Your notes should NOT be a word-for-word transcription of what you find in this section. Instead, your notes must: 

Address key terms or topics that came up in the course module.
Explain how you think the assigned readings tie-in. Make sure to include the primary reading!
Provide two links to reputable sites that clarify, extend, or correct s something you encountered in the course this week. Your links must be accompanied by a summary and evaluation of their content.

To evaluate the content, you must ask yourself: 

Is the author easily identifiable? Can you locate information on the author’s credentials? IF NOT, then the information is less credible.
Does the content include links to outside material? Do the links lead to other credible sites? IF NOT, then the information is less credible.
Does the site have a “last updated” statement? When is it? If it was last updated a long time ago OR does not have a time-stamp, then the information is less credible. 

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Network Security Policy

   Complete the thinking outside the box assignment number 2 on page 371 of your textbook by researching what is needed to develop a sound network security policy. Write at….

Unit 3 Case Study

Select one of the products described in the eco-auditcase study in Chapter 8 of your textbook (ex. Coffee Make, p. 200 – 202). Using the data in the textbook (p.201)….

Watch the two videos and answer the following questions:

LEADER MAKING A DIFFERENCE When Indra Nooyi took the reins of PepsiCo nine years ago, she insisted on developing the company’s product line to respond to shifts in the external….