Group Assignment for Lesson 5: Innovation at International Foods Case Study Information (Possible Points 36)

Follow the steps below to complete the assignment.
Read the Lesson 5 Innovation at International Foods2 Case Study on pages 234 through page 238 in the IT Strategy: Issues and Practices textbook.

Click on the Group Case Study Assignments link above to work with your group.
Click on the link for the case study.
Discuss the case study with your group members.
Work with the group to write a 2-4 page paper.

Answers the following questions.

In discussion with Josh, Tonya foreshadows “some serious obstacles to overcome.”Describe these obstacles in detail.
How can Josh win support for his team’s three-point plan to use technology to help IFG reach its customers?

Use the IT 630 textbook as a reference and two references from the UC Library Resources. Add the citations to match the references. Follow APA Guidelines to document the references. Check out the Basics of APA Style Tutorial to help you with citations and references. 

Additional Document Formatting Requirements

Save the document using the file naming convention below.

Example Using the Naming Convention: Jane_Doe_Group1_ Innovation_IF_Case_Study

Save the case study in a location that is easy for you to find and submit later.
Spacing Requirements: The document should be double-spaced.
Margin Requirements: Use 1-inch Margins
Font Requirements: Arial, Courier, Times New Roman Microsoft Word
Font Size Requirements: 12 Point
Document Background: White
Do not insert images in the document.

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