Occupational Exposure to Lead at workplace

Occupational Exposure to Lead at workplace.

  • Background: Must include what is lead and types, dangers to health, why was it prohibited, history, occupations where lead can be encountered, leaded petrol, contamination of old storage containers
  • Literature Review on Occupational Exposure to Lead in the petroleum industry key words (dangers of lead exposure, dangers of leaded tanks, occupational exposure to lead, inhalation of lead fumes, prevention of exposure during deconstruction of previous tanks used for leaded petrol or gasoline)
  • Hypotheses: State 2 hypotheses with each having Null and Alternative Hypotheses. Statistically prove the hypothesis
  • Workplace Exposure Limit – State the Workplace Exposure Limit, cite the literature
  • Methodology: Describe how to collect (sample) and analyse 13 samples of airborne lead during the cutting and deconstruction of the storage, describe laboratory analysis and assess workers exposure to lead during the welding and fabrication activities above
  • Do a basic statistic, t-test, chi-square and ANOVA on the data above
  • Write the discussion, conclusion and recommendation

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