Observing Argumentation

Argumentation In the 21st century, people are very set in the stereotypical thoughts that society implants in their heads. Many people don’t like to step out of their comfort zone when it comes to values and stereotypes. In both stories, I personally think the theme is that everyone should step out of the thoughts that they are used to and be more open-minded about the world.
In Fatima Merrill’s article “Digital Scheherazade; The Rise of Women as Key Players In the Arab Gulf Communication Strategies” she Is ring divert the attention of Spanish reporters away from the stereotypical mindset that the Arab world just consists of terrorism and women in veils. Merriness is trying to get the reporters to focus on the positives of the Arab world and give women the credit that they deserve. In Richard Rodriguez story “Family Values” the author is trying to emphasize what “family values” really means and the open-mindedness of having a gay family member.
Within different cultures there are deferent standards, expectations and reactions, but In the end It Is all about acceptance and looking beyond the customs you are used to. Fatima Merriness uses facts and statistics to tell her story about how the digital revolution, called alfalfa racial, has been a big influence in the Arab states. Merriness tries to inform the reader on how ignorant the outside world is towards the reality of the Arab community. Some citizens look at the revolution as something to be worried about when their kids are sitting at home, watching videos that they don’t mind appropriate.

All they want to do is find a way to ban it, when there are actually many upsides. Merriness uses real life examples, such as Maim Al-Kalmia, to emphasize how women are taking advantage of the advance in technology. She relates the story to her personal experience in Spain and how they didn’t have a TV that featured the usual channels she would watch at home. Merriness shows how the Spanish reporters are Ignorant to the reality of the Arab world because of stereotypes, but also because of lack of knowledge.
In Richard Rodriguez story “Family values” he focuses on the meaning of “family values” and how it is different in every culture. He uses stories to be able to explain himself and get his point across. American culture is defined as being very independent in the way children are raised, Asian culture is described as the “whiz kids” and Hipic culture is described as the people of family. There are stereotypes for every culture and that Is why Rodriguez explains that there Is not one set deflation for “family values”.
When speaking of the gay culture, Rodriguez opens up bout his personal experiences and how gays are rejected in this world. He tries to explain the inner workings of each cultures “family values”, but ends with the statement that “family values” are acceptance. People need to step out of the stereotypes in the world and accept the change that is occurring around them. While both authors try to represent open-mindedness and acceptance throughout their stories, I believe that Merriness did a better Job getting her point across. Hill in Merriment’s story she uses her personal experience, statistics and facts to inform the reader of her argument. It was easier to understand what she was trying to convey with her piece. In my opinion it was more of a straight forward piece that doesn’t leave the reader thinking “what is she trying to say? “. She started with the reporter’s stereotypical mindset of the Arab world, went on to describe the evolution of Arab women and ended with how the outside world needs to focus on the advancement in technology. Her argument is clear from beginning to end and there is never any confusion.

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