English 101 6:00 am Professor Cardenas-Adame November 9, 2012 The Cure for Obesity As an American society we all share a similar fear for obesity. Everyone can be succumbed by obesity and most are. The percentage is over 70% of America that are borderline line of being obese and 36 in the us that are obese. Also it’s a triadic to see that Americans are rated the highest in world for obesity. Many may ask why is obesity such a curse. Many say you may get looked down upon in today society or so forth.
The only topic that will be address today is the health related reasoning of why obesity is such a threat to society. First we must address how to measure if we are one who is succumbed to this awful plague known as obesity. In the U. S we use the BMI which is an abbreviation for Body Mass Index. Which evaluates the body mass or fat context we have. If we have below 7% we extremely unhealthy or if we have over 20 % we are considered obese which can ultimately be fatal.
Not immediately fatal but obesity is directly linked to many of the most fatal disease in the world today as diabetes, any many other that can cause heart failure. All due to the lack of exercise and over eating, also one major other key we may not always consider to be a factor of being obese is genetics. Genetics can play a huge factor on whether we are going to be fighting with obesity for the rest of our life’s. One may question if obesity is something that they will be fighting for the rest of our life or is there a cure?

There are several types of solution to manage ones weight. Recently with our modern technology American society has turn toward bypass surgery has there solution to obesity. Though statistically the percentage of successful procedures is dramatically high, there are many factor to consider to coming to the conclusion if surgery is in fact a cure. In the beginning many turned towards surgery as the last solution, but never the first choice nor was it consider a solution.
The risk of failure is very slim now with increasing technology and better trained surgeons. Though its highly effective there are still draw backs. One many consider the procedure overall expensive with the cost ranging as little as 3,000 to 8,000 dollars, Also another drawback is the scars the procedure leaves, and many other issue but for the pros out way the con. Is there other ways to loose weight one may ask, or more affordable? The most popular cure for obesity though for some maybe not the most effective way to loose weight is dieting.
Keeping track of you calories or your carb intake daily, also having in consideration the type of diet you are on determines the rate and difficulty of the diet. The society today would consider this method on of the hardest ways to loose wait because not only is it a constant struggle to watch everything you eat, it take a lot of mental control as well to resist the cravings that every human being has. Also one may also need to be knowledgeable in the type of diet they are doing in order for it to be effective and correctly monitor there intake of food for there diet.
Though this way may seem very effective and inexpensive it can be costly for some diets if you are buying diet food and shake and ext. The downfall to this method is the society intends to do very well at the beginning and then eventually slips and typically the end up gaining more weight in the end then what they had started it. One needs to have a lot of mental control for this method. The method most effective and inexpensive is exercise. Exercise has been the most effective method since the very beginning of time.
Though exercise can also go hand in hand with all the other method especially dieting which actually is highly recommend to have the best result but is not a requirement. There are many reason why this method is ranked as the most popular and effective way to loose weight. As we recently learned about dieting how it can be extremely difficult mentally, as one may need self control. Exercise can offer things that other methods cant as far pleasure, and being enjoyable.
As an example when the human body is engage in cardivascular workout, stating that heart rate reaches 120 beats per second the body releases endorphin into the body stream which many may call as a runners high. This is considered very pleasurable and also a very effective way to stay healthy. Are bodies are designed in a way that require a certain amount of exercise to remain health. This is one of the most efficient ways to reduce the risk of diseases as we mentioned earlier and is very inexpensive compared to surrey and dieting.
Also it offers the least side effect or draw backs to cure obesity, Though as surgery may be permanent method for obesity on the other the hand is not exercise is not. One as to continue to exercise daily to maintain the proper BMI or it will can increase dramatically. Even though there are numerous activity and event one can choose to engage in to have the proper amount of exercise daily, the society today still fails to maintain the required amount of exercise to remain healthy which is our ultimate goal.
Remaining healthy is overall is what the society strives for today to increase ones life but not only to increase ones life but also to increase the quality of life. Which leaves obesity being an obstacle for many to reach that goal. Though obesity is indeed a big problem it is not unsolvable, it has many solutions which is briefly reviewed in this essay. One only has to choose which may be the best cure for them to help them solve this problem of obesity.

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