Obesity and Genetics

Obesity is characterized by a high amount of body fat or adipose tissue. This condition is common, but varies from individual to individual. There are other factors that play a role in obesity other than eating too much of the wrong foods, not exercising, or age, and gender. This factor is genetics. People with genetic risk factors that affect energy metabolism and result in an inborn susceptibility to gain weight are much different than a person who loses weight normally. Most people don’t understand that obesity can be caused by a genetic disorder that they have no control over.
People that suffer from obesity are looked down upon by society because people consider them lazy or unable to control themselves around food, when actually they may eat healthier diets than an average size person does and exercise more frequent as well. People that are obese are greatly discriminated against, their denied employment because their considered a health risk, their also denied positions that are public related such as bus’s and cabs, airplanes, as well as amusement parks, and people treat them as social failures because of this.
Obese people can’t walk outside of their homes without being gawked at or harassed and hurt verbally. This making it harder for them to cope with their disorder and just to avoid the criticism most isolate them self’s from the world, psychologically leading to depression, feelings of rejection, or shame, and anger issues, as well as unhealthy living and socialization skills. Motivation is dissipated and social interactions may become limited as a result.

Obesity and Genetics. (2005, January 1). Retrieved from

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