Nutrition Counseling for Health Promotion

Nutrition Counseling for Health Promotion

Nutrition Counseling for Health Promotion. Mrs Little is a 72-year-old Hispanic female who presents to the clinic for an annual exam.  She reports she has done well since her last visit.  States she only checks her blood sugar twice a week, when she remembers.  Has not been following her diabetic diet for the last few months.  She denies any other issues.

Allergies: Strawberries, NKDA

Current medications: Metformin 1000mg bid, Amaryl 2 mg daily, Lisinopril 10mg daily

PMH: Diabetes, Hypertension

PSH: Hysterectomy, Rt Wrist surgery after MVA

Social: Tobacco: quit 2002, Denies alcohol or illegal drug use.  Retired since 2015, worked as a bank teller.

Immunizations: Flu shot 9/2019

Family: Father: died at 92 of natural causes, Mother: died at 80 of stroke



HEENT: Denies any headache, nasal congestion, ear pain.  Does report blurry vision at times

Cardiovascular: Denies chest pain

Respiratory: Denies any SOB, DOE, orthnopenia

GI: Denies any abdominal pain.

GU: Denies any painful urination, urgency, hesitancy

Musculoskeletal: Reports some knee pain with bending, walking long distances.  Denies any swelling or redness

Neurological: Denies

Psychiatric: Denies suicidal ideations, depression. Does report difficulty falling asleep

Endocrine: Reports she has gained 15 pounds over the last year.

Hematologic/ Lymphatic: Denies any bruising


Why is nutrition important in health promotion?

Nutrition Counseling for Health Promotion 



Vital signs: Ht: 62, Wt: 198,  BP 166/82, HR 84, Resp: 16, SaO2: 96%

Constitutional: Well developed, overweight female

HEENT: Oropharynx pink, moist, no lesions or exudate. Tonsils 1+ bilaterally. Teeth with dental cavities noted. Tongue smooth, pink, no lesions, protrudes in the midline. Neck supple. No cervical lymphadenopathy or tenderness was noted. Thyroid midline, small and firm without palpable masses

Cardiovascular:  RRR, no murmurs or rubs noted.  No peripheral oedema noted

Respiratory:  Clear bilaterally in all fields.

GI: Abdomen round, soft, with bowel sounds noted in all four quadrants. No organomegaly noted.


What are the elements of health promotion?

Nutrition Counseling for Health Promotion 


GU: Deferred

Musculoskeletal: Heberden and Bouchard nodes noted to bil hands.

Integumentary: Skin warm and dry, No rashes noted

Neuro: Follows commands without difficulty

Working with your group, utilize the above case study a, develop a Voice Over PowerPoint presentation for your patient covering the covering problems identified and the content in Unit 3 of Edelman, Kudzama, & Mandle (2018). Include the following:

    • Screening [Immunizations are to be addressed explicitly-ie. up to date- and define, or not up to date- management]
    • Health Education
    • Nutrition Counseling for Health Promotion
    • Exercise
    • Stress Management
    • Complementary and Alternative Strategies.
    • Incorporate the application of a mobile app either by practitioner or population (ie, use of CDC Immunization App to reference Catch Up Schedule, or Fitbit© App and mobile technology for fitness tracking).


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