Nutrilon Advertisement

Nutrilon Advertisement Effectiveness and Limitations of Nutrilon Advertisement The Nutrilon advertisement was able to target the intended market segment in which is the parents of children from age 3 to 6 years old. The advertisement was effective in many segments. The first segment is looking at demographic and psychographic variables. Inside the advertisements, the demographic variable is clear in which is using age as the base. It target the age of small kids from 3 to 6 years old in which is effective as the milk is targeted to the segment of consumers.
On the psychographic variable, the advertisement use the base in which is the things we value. The advertisement is targeted to the parents in whom the things that they value will be their children. Based on the demographic and psychographic variables, the advertisement was able to target them effectively. The second segment will be whether the advertisement has achieved the absolute threshold level or the minimum level in which the simulations can be detected on a sensory channel of the consumer (Solomon, 1994, p. 57).
Looking at the advertisement, the sensory channel that will be affected through it will be vision and sound channel. The advertisement used interesting choice of background in which it evokes the interest of the natural scenery of the world. The sound channel that is used is muzak slower tempo in which it created relaxing mood to the viewers to watch the advertisement (Solomon, 1994, p. 54). The advertisement is effective in terms of the absolute threshold level in which the consumers will notice the advertisement. The third segment is the selective exposure in which will be one of the limitations to the advertisement.

Consumers are more aware towards the advertisements that contain their current needs in which this will decrease the effectiveness of the advertisement in which it will go into waste (Solomon, 1994, p. 62). Besides, consumers actively seek out messages they find pleasant or are in sympathy with and tend to avoid painful or threatening ones (Schiffman, Bednall, O’cass, Paladino, Ward and Kanuk, 2008 p. 148). Nutrilon advertisement will be only be noticed to the newly parents in which they just had their new babies and will be less effective to the ld parents as they might already have their preferred brands of milk in which will become the limitations due to their selective exposure. The fourth segment is the information overload. When an advertisement contains information overload, it will decrease the effectiveness of the advertisements as the consumers will not encode all the messages of the advertisement (Schiffman et al, 2008, p. 199). Fortunately, the Nutrilon advertisement does not contain many messages as the only important message that is given through the advertisement is “Living full life on the outside, starts on the inside”.
The message means that to be able to live a full life on the outside, the kids should have a good nutrition on the inside through the milk. The fifth segment on the effectiveness of Nutrilon advertisement is the perceptual defence by the consumers. The consumers’ perceptual defence will be one of the limitations for the effectiveness of the advertisement. Some psychologists continue to claim that people may subconsciously screen out stimuli that are important for them not to see, even though exposure has already taken place (Schiffman et al, 2008, p. 48). The perceptual defence of this advertisement will be the consumers blocked the message that is left by Nutrilon in which is “living full life on the outside, starts on the inside”. Due to that, the perceptual defence will be one of the limitations of the effectiveness of the advertisement. Another segment to check is whether the Nutrilon advertisement is marketable to the children. The advertisement is marketable to the children in which it focuses on the children on how to achieve the dream.
Children might get attracted towards the advertisement in which it shows a lot of children and said on what they want. Therefore, the advertisement is marketable to the children and one of the segments that increase the effectiveness of the advertisement. The last segment to see on the effectiveness of advertisement is whether it successful to counter advertising clutter, sensory overload, and whether it creates contrast. Nutrilon advertisement successful to counter the advertising clutter, sensory overload and it creates contrast.
The advertising clutter can be avoided as Nutrilon advertisement is a TV advertisement and there are no others advertisements in the same time in which causes the advertising clutters. Sensory overload also does not exist in the Nutrilon advertisement in which it is shown through only two sensory which are sound and vision sensory. Nutrilon advertisement also creates contrast in which the advertisement is unique from its competitors. The usual milk advertisement will show on how they protect the children, contrast to the Nutrilon milk advertisement in which more focused on what the children might dream and how to achieve it.
These are shown through the message which is “Living full life on the outside, starts on the inside”. In conclusion, the advertisement is effective although there are some limitations that limit the effectiveness of the advertisement. References Schiffman, L. , Bednall, D. , O’cass, A. , Paladino, A. , Ward, S. and Kanuk, L. (2008) Consumer Behaviour, 4th edition, Australia: Pearson Education Australia. Solomon, Michael R. (1994) Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having and Being, 2th edition, United States of America: Allyn and Bacon.

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