Nursing Theorists and their contributions to nursing practice

Nursing Theorists and their contributions to nursing practice

Nightingale, Henderson, King, and Peplau provide us with theories that were well ahead of their times, yet these theories hold relevance to nursing today. Conceptual frameworks define nursing practice and they continue to inform contemporary nursing theorists. Because theorists have been so influential to nursing practice, it is imperative that we look closely at the relevance of their ideas to nursing practice today. Consider, as you reflect on the readings, how these theories inform you as you develop your role as a nursing leader.

Select theories of either Nightingale and Henderson or King and Peplau. Compare and contrast two primary elements of each selected pair of theories.
Provide examples of how the selected pair of theories may relate to your practice.
Analyze how your selected pair links nursing theory and spiritual care when planning interventions and suggesting resources for patient care.

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