Nursing Research Papers

Nursing Research Papers

A nursing research paper aims at answering a research question or a hypothesis and is considered scholarly. A student is required to use refer to credible sources to gather information and data and employ research designs when conducting an analysis. To score a good grade when writing a nursing research paper, a student is required to dedicate a significant amount of time to research, clearly understand the topic, possess research skills, and have access to scholarly sources. Considering that nursing students have engaged in a lot of practical activities to gain experience, completing a good research paper can be impossible. Our nursing research paper writing professionals deliver credible and professional documents once a student places an order. Based on our policy to enhance the academic life of students, our aim is to exceed your expectations. Moreover, we have assisted hundreds of nursing students to handle a variety of research topics and have proved to deliver a quality papers.

Choosing a good nursing research topic

Given the importance of a research paper, it is critical for nursing students to consider some aspects when choosing a topic. One ought to pick a topic that is relevant to the course, interesting, specific, explorative, original, and meaningful. It is advisable to ask your mentor or professor to verify if the topic is appropriate as he or she can also give more directions that could make writing the research more successful. At Quality Essays, our writing experts will guide you to select a nursing research topic for approval by the professor.


Considerations when writing a good research paper


A research paper ought to have a good introduction. An introduction gives an overview of the hypothesis and why the research paper and its objectives are significant. At Quality Essay, we use standard nursing language to communicate competency in the nursing field and employ jargon sparingly. However, the choice of language also depends on the academic level of the student.

The other key consideration is the need to justify the use of a specific methodology for the nursing research assignment. Since students at the bachelor’s master’s and doctorate levels are conversant with the merits and demerits of various research methodologies, they should be in a position to justify their decision. This mainly depends on the nature of study design and subject. When you seek help in research paper writing in nursing from our team, we take satisfaction on our ability to guarantee objective findings that are presented in a logical and orderly sequence. To do so, we may use charts, figures, and tables for easier understanding.

Lastly, referencing is an important aspect as proper citation prevents the issue of plagiarism. Our writers are familiar with different referencing styles such as MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago. Citations are mainly in form of paraphrased text, direct quotes, or ideas. For other referencing styles, we recommend that you provide a school writing style manual to enable our writers to meet your expectations.

Common topics under nursing research papers

Some of the research topics that our team experts in nursing writing have handled include but are not limited to;

  • Theory development in nursing
  • Patient safety
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Communication and social-cultural issues
  • Nursing practitioner mental health
  • Addiction and substance abuse
  • Child development
  • Pediatric nursing
  • Nursing education and career
  • End of life care
  • Sudden infant death
  • Cancer patient care
  • Role of culture in health practices


How to write your nursing research assignment the right way


Make sure you follow the rubric

Most instructors provide a rubric that serves as a roadmap towards getting an “A.” One should use the rubric to not only understand the instructions but also how to plan the assignment. Since it is what is used for grading, make sure you read it several times so as not to miss anything. A poorly written paper prompts the instructor to wonder if the student read the rubric or if someone else did the research paper and is analyzed more critically. Our writers ensure they do not deviate from it and increase the chances of getting an A.

Avoid grammatical errors.

Grammar is the rule of language and the structural foundation for a good research paper. When expressing a thought, sentence structure such as singular predicate and singular subject enhance how the idea is relayed. A lot of grammatical errors may reduce the instructor’s motivation to read the entire paper and create a negative attitude. At Quality Essays, we check grammatical errors using sophisticated applications before submitting the complete paper.

Correct formatting of the paper

There are various formatting styles used for nursing research papers but most instructors will require APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago. References and in-text citations should be used based on the required mode of formatting. The use of headers is also important as it is the first visual cue that shows a student followed the rubric. However, the number of headers depend on the instructions or the length of the paper. For instance, it would be unreasonable to use many headers when writing a one-page paper. Our writers are conversant with the different formatting styles and have assisted nursing students to learn the various styles.



Why you should work with us for a good nursing paper



We take our work seriously

We understand that passing an assignment is important for a student hence we do all we can to deliver a paper that can earn top grades. Additionally, we know the consequences of plagiarism and failing to submit a paper on time. Hence we do not take shortcuts and write a paper from scratch and are keen to determine the right content for the paper. Our access to reliable sources allows us to deliver a paper that depicts professional standards and we do not re-use papers.

We can handle a variety of topics

Our team of professional writers have been sharpening their skills for a period of over ten years and have handled diverse nursing subjects. This is why we have been successful in helping students complete their nursing research assignments that seem to be too complex to be delivered on time. Regardless of the topic, we guarantee that the research paper will be able to impress your faculty.

Friendly Support Team

Our support team can be described as supportive, modest, and helpful. We take initiative to ensure our customers feel comfortable, able to communicate openly, and confident in our service. We are available 24/7 and respond instantly through a live chat on

We deliver urgent nursing research assignments

Some students are so engaged in other things that they forget a research paper is due. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, there is no need to worry. We will handle your paper on time and maintain good quality.

How to get your nursing research paper done

Our platform is simple and straightforward to use. Visit our website and click “write my paper.” you will be required to fill in the paper details which include academic level, type of service, and paper instruction among others. Once the paper has been approved, you will proceed to make a payment and wait for an email notification once the assignment is complete. Alternatively, you can just leave us a message explaining what you need and we will guide you step by step.

 Nursing research paper outline sample

A nursing research paper adheres to specific aspects hence it is written systematically. The following is a sample of typical headings and subheadings required in the paper.

  1. Title page

Although it depends on the required format, the title page which is the first page often includes the title, student’s name, name of institution, and the date.

  1. Abstract

The abstract is written on the second page and it gives the summary of the paper. It should capture the goal, methodology, results, and recommendations.

  1. Introduction

The introduction gives the background of the topic and the purpose of the paper. It also states the importance of the research and its contribution to the field of nursing. The introduction should be a few paragraphs long.

  1. Literature review

The literature review is important as it combines ideas related to the topic from other medical works written by different authors. It identifies a gap that is related to the topic and channels for new ideas. It also shows the reader how conversant the author is with the topic.

  1. Research methodology

This section includes the following subheadings


Research procedure


Ethical considerations

  1. Results and Discussions

The results attained from the previous section are presented here. Charts, tables, and graphs are also used to explain the results. The discussion should result in a conclusion and should be comprehensive for the reader to understand.

  1. Conclusion and Recommendations

This is the last section of the nursing research paper. It gives a brief summary of the information gathered and makes concluding statements. Based on the conclusions, one should make recommendations on new ideas.

  1. References

References are written on a separate page after the body. They are arranged in alphabetical order and all references should appear in the body as in-text citations.