Nursing Knowledge

Nursing Knowledge.
What makes Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) a great source of knowledge for nursing references? It produces and disseminates systematic reviews of health care interventions and promotes the search for evidence in the form of clinical trials and other studies. The column by JBI will cover a broad range of topics and will appear periodically in AJN.
With reference to its official website,, The Joanna Briggs Collaboration is a coordinated effort by a group of self-governing collaborative centres, coordinated through the leadership of The Joanna Briggs Institute. The legitimate operations of The Joanna Briggs Collaboration include the promotion of evidence-based health care; education and training; conducting of systematic reviews; the development of Best Practice Information Sheets; the implementation of evidence-based practice; and the conduct of evaluation cycles and primary research arising out of systematic reviews.
Various collaborating centre have teamed up to produce excellent and up to date sources that are relatively relevant in medical field. A good source of research should be current, concise, and give factual evidences.

The website also contains electronic copies of all JBI collaboration publications that includes such as; Best Practice Information Sheets, systematic reviews, evaluation cycle reports and practice manuals.
What’s most important about this research source is that the evidence library offers a variety of reports such as product and technical reports, executive summaries, review protocols, and a Cochrane library. For further research, it offers various database such as a systematic review database and database of abstract reviews of effects.
Overall, this research source will definitely help someone to find pertinent facts and information on medical field.
Sigma Theta Tau International
As a knowledge and leadership organization, the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International responds to health and nursing profession trends and issues that are germane to its mission.(
The site is a good start point for research, here you will find;
Ø  Resources and Position Papers – Position statements and resource papers about trends and key issues that are developed by the society.
Ø  Global Alliances – affiliations alliances of society with other eminent international organizations for stronger organization.
Ø  Various Organizational Affiliates
Ø  National Quality Measures Clearinghouse – NQMC, sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), it is a public storehouse for evidence-based quality measures and measure sets.
The site offers more than a research source; it also acts a focal point for nursing communities where they can exchange information on various aspects of nursing. There is also a special link for student nurse resources and society resources. As they value their members they offer mentoring programs to enhance the leadership and potential skills of nurses.
Its commitment does not only rely to library resources and research but also dedicated to its society, community and fellow members. They also have a foundation that serves the culmination of overall purpose of the organization. Certain communities are established to promote well being and participation in socio civic cultural activities of nurses.
In general, this site offers a great mixture of facts, information, and interaction made by nurses to its fellow nurses. A well informative site that serves as a ground for various nurses all through out; thus, with the organization mission and vision that will has a parallel principle which will serve as continuous commitment to the society.

Nursing Knowledge

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