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The article reviewed that a wide variety of family members’ lives can be affected, including emotional, financial, family relationships, education and work, leisure time, and social activities (Golics, C. J., Basra, M. K. A., Finlay, A. Y., & Salek, S. 2013).The impact of a disease that affect a family the most is seeing a person they knew at one point was healthy and able to do for themselves to now they are having to depend on them for care and support. The fear of losing a love one to death by a disease has a tremendous impact on a person mentally and emotionally. Having to take off work or pay for around the clock care is frustrating financially as well. Having to physically lift and take care of a patient who disease process regressing may affect their health and well-being. This could lead to social isolation for all involving parties because you may not have the time or energy to do the things you’ve once enjoyed. Most of all it impacts your freedom and relationship many significant others may leave or end up in a divorce because they are having to take care of a person. It is imperative to include the support person in the plan of care because they will be the ones mainly providing the care and they need guidelines to follow to promote their love ones to the maximum quality of life. They need to stay abreast on doctor appointments making sure they know where their love one progress is in the disease process and to give them that love of security that no harm may come to them and they do have people that loves them.

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