Nothing Good Ever Comes from Violence

Nothing Good Ever Comes from Violence.
The twentieth century was the century of discovery for life . Dreadful diseases like diphtheria and leprosy were halted; sterile women have been given children; handicapped people were made a part of society. Numerous vaccines have been found to stop the most dangerous diseases. New technologies have enabled the creation of better conditions for life. International humanitarian organizations were felt all over the world where living conditions were not acceptable.
Humanitarian aid have been sent many times where they were needed: Africa, Haiti, Pakistan, etc..Under these conditions, feeding his superego with illusions, man has become complacent. He is gracious and fair. He is, finally, human. However, what ultimately is not understood is that violence, which has its roots deep infiltrated in human consciousness , cancels all these developments. For each cured disease , hundreds of ways to return it are invented.
For every child saved in high-tech hospitals there are another hundred killed innocent children. Not a virus manages to disappear as we rush to replace it with another. Violence is everywhere.In this situation , the following idea needs to be understood : violence , in the common perception of this word, destroys everything we dream for. In this essay I will try to argue my thesis, demonstrating why each type of violence in part must be avoided. In the beginning, I’m obliged to clarify the essence of the term violence. Violence is the expression of physical and / or verbal force of one person against himself or another person / group of persons ,that brings the pain to whom it is addressed.

There are several forms of violence : Physical, Sexual, Emotional, Psychological, Spiritual, Cultural, Verbal, Financial.Each one is a tragedy for one against whom it is directed. Violence is a primal part of human nature. Since ancient times, it has governed human acts. His destructive tendencies and self-defense were the ones that have characterized all his actions. However, for some time, the state claims, for better or worse, a monopoly on violence practiced within the confines of a specific territory ( Max Weber) ,realised by law and education, to impose the man to conform himself to cooperation and group working, whitch is much more effective and productive than the free violence.Violence is everywere.
In families were husbands abuse their wives and children we speak about domestic violence. Domestic violence’ is a specific form of violence in which physical, psychological, or sexual abuse is perpetuated by one spouse upon another, or by both partners upon each other. It is caused by many factors , including : the pure impuls control , lack of education,social stress, need of power and control, mental illnesses , etc. Domestic violence has a lot of negative results. Broken bones, head injuries ,internal bleeding are some of the acute effects .Hundreds of thousands of dead women and children annually: it is the result of domestic violence. And those who survive have a nightmare during all their life.
A life marked by depresion, stress, fear, and anxiety. These symptoms are generally experienced for a long p of time after the victim has left the dangerous situation. But problems do not stop there. If victims can escape the abusers, they are tortured by the society. They don’t have money , they don’t have the ability to get money, they don’t have friends that can help them…
This leads many times to the suicide.For children, domestic violence can become an enormous psychological trauma that will change the perception of the world. For example, Hitler was physically abused by his father in childhood. Because of this, he became a sociopath and did what he did. Franz Kafka was educated under the moral domination of his father, which made him one of the biggest pessimists in the history of mankind. So, the domestic violence pursues its victims till the grave. War is another manifestation of violence on a very large scale.
It is thought to be the key of solving of the territorial, ideological and resources problems.During the war, violence is encouraged in the highest level. After the Industrial Revolution, that is percepted as a very good event, the number of war victims has grown. For example, World War I has caused 40 mln victims and World War II – 70 mln. New technologies are constantly developed to ensure the governments of all countries with weapons to bring as many victims as possible. From the machinegun to the atomic bomb, every discovery is greeted with applause. Death smiles at us and we applaud.
Then we go home, satisfied of ourselves, and criticize the politicians.We applaud, but then we close our eyes in front of terror victims. Do you think that after Hitler has caused 50 million victims in his war people haven’t made new weapons? Do you think that after Hiroshima and Nagasaki haven’t appeared new types of atomic bombs? We applaud them all. Every year on May 9, Russia shows its military force one the Red Square. And we applaud, proud of what we’ve created. While we’re applauding, millions of Africans die in civil wars, progress in the black continent can not be put on wheels, people dying of hunger because of civil wars.And we applaud.
Much more horrible are the conflicts caused by religious, racial and national hate. During the middle age, near 300 000 people ( especially women ) were killed because of their religion. The Jews were killed and chased all other the Europe. The Crusades against Muslim have caused a lot of human and material prejudice. Interracial hatred, maintained by Ku Klux Klan in America, which has started since the late 19th century and continue fruitful so far, does not allow free evolution of American democracy, as well as the evolution of democracy all other the world.Thousands of people are killed in Russia, according to race. The new national-socialist organization are growing rapidly .
In a world where the Hungarian National Socialist Party gain 9% in the elections, progress is a castle on sand. Well… This is our world – a world of violence. It surrounds us , wispers sweet words to our ears , decieve our eyes, feed our egos by illusions, and continues its very productive work. Millions of people die from violence.Is not it enough that we die because of pollution and unhealthy way of life? Should we help nature in the murder? Is it not time that the understanding between people to become the engine of a better life? We arrived at times when the slightest mistake could cost us a lot. We are on an unstable platform and only on us depens our future. A future soaked in the blood of violence or dried by the Sun of welfare.
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Nothing Good Ever Comes from Violence

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