Notes Analysis

Dual processionals is the ability of users to create their own personal accounts but can also look at other users profile as well. In other words, Mejia is saying that social networks can be used in the users favor as well as the user’s friend’s favor. For example, people create their own personal Backbone account to show others their lifestyle while at the same time keeping touch with their friends and family by viewing other people’s profiles and commenting on it. Another example is Mainstream here people can post pictures of their everyday lives.
At the same time, their newsfeed would be filled with other people’s everyday lives. This explains how social media work in both ways (or “dual” ways) by letting the user be aware of other peoples life as well as other people being aware of the users life. 2. In our society, everyone raises charity or causes through social media. It is the biggest platform of advertising since everyone can find it and sees it as long as it shows on his or her newsfeed (and most of the time, it’s free! It is very effective and quick in the way that it spreads the word very fast. For example, charity can use celebrities that support their cause to post about them in their social media accounts. Most celebrities have millions of followers and subscribers, which mean if they post something, it can reach out to millions immediately. Liking something on Backbone would definitely help spread the word out faster, however donating money to an organization is more helpful than spreading the word.
For example, spreading he word does not necessarily mean that everyone who sees it would donate money to the organization. Hence saying, liking the charity on backbone and donating money to the charity is not the same thing. Lastly, raising awareness can be considered the same as contribution since people are contributing to the cause by telling more people about it. 3. Social inclusion and exclusion is significant because even though people can post anything they want, there are still people online that protects the users from being harmed.

For example, personal information would not be released to the public unless that person chooses to. Furthermore, sometimes when someone post inappropriate stuff online, the administrator will delete it in order to protect the public from seeing the harmful post. Some consequences will include the delete of the post as well as arrest if it is illegal. For example, if someone post a video of themselves doing illegal drugs, it is most likely that the police will track them down and arrest them for the inappropriate video as well as raising awareness for the drug.

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