North Korea Nuclear Crisis and President Trump

North Korea Nuclear Crisis and President Trump. Following pressure from South Korea, United States and other countries, North Korea agreed to hold talks in an attempt to stop the nuclear tests. Before the historical meeting with the United States’ president Donald Trump, North Korea began to dismantle its nuclear testing site to show its commitment to disarmament. For each Module we will be covering a region of the world and following a current event. Please post your answer to the following questions below to your assignment folder as an attachment in Word “.doc” or rich text format “.rtf.”

North Korea Nuclear Crisis

As we move forward, you are going to see a current event assignment for Asia. Please do not take that literally geographically. Please choose your event from the following region. Afghanistan at the west, Russia to the north, The Indian Ocean to the south and The Philippines to the east. Do not choose events outside of this region for your Current event: Asia assignment. If you are confused, just shoot me an email with your selected country and I will let you know if it fits. OK? 
Read about that event from three different sources (see below for help finding sources).
One of these sources should come from the region (Asia).
The other two sources can be from the English speaking standards listed below.
Next, describe the event in a few sentences and tell us why you choose that event to follow.
Answer the following two questions using 3 to 5 sentences.
What differences or similarities are there in the way that the three sources cover the event? Cite examples from your article.
In your opinion, what accounts for the differences in the way these articles cover the event you have selected? Give at least two reasons.
Write your answer to these questions in up to three paragraphs (no less than 250 words). Remember, your answer must meet standards for good college level writing paper including grammar and spelling and citations (APA or MLA format).

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