North Carolina Agricultural & State University

Dear Honorable, Governor Easily
We are nursing, students at Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro, North Carolina we write this letter to bring to your attention an issue that if discussed enough in our community it might bring about change and save lives. This is hypertension.  I am asking for your help in bringing Hypertension a silent killer of our elderly population to the forefront of our community’s attention.
My research partner and I have conducted research on hypertension as a requirement for our community 510 nursing course. With our research, here in Guilford County Greensboro, North Carolina:  we have a direct of understanding hypertension moreover, how its ill effects are distressing our elderly population’s health. With your help, we can bring this issue out by an educational campaign.

Our research efforts show a need to help the community become conscious to get involved in the community to necessitate and facilitate our elderly population, living with hypertension due to lack of resources, transportation, diet exercise, obesity, chronic conditions. We have hundreds of seniors in our community here in Guilford County who can benefit by having resources to educate them about the causes risk factors and treatment for hypertension a silent killer. By facilitating things such as transportation to medical appointments, education on lifestyles that are conducive to good health, by getting the community involved during our research project we have had a high success rate in improving the effects of those who suffer hypertension among our elderly.
Our research provides a description of the comprehensive study of hypertension within the cumulative, etiology, and the consequence on the populace health of the elderly in our area. This research will expectantly accomplish better education about hypertension for our elderly.
Helping changing their lifestyle, an example of educating is as most know a good, diet helps maintain our body due to the FDA’s and the medical community’s at large education campaign promoted on our food packages and thru television and radio adds. Amazingly few seniors realize exercise and diet lowers hypertension, and helps problems with blood pressure levels. Hypertension is a reversible problem given the individual can see the benefits of diet and the implementation of exercise, to change their life through education when made available to them.
Your support for community responsiveness of the senior’s living with hypertension is significantly valued.
Thank you for your public service
Linda Wesson and Melinda Valetin
North Carolina Agricultural & State University

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