North African civilization impact on “Western” civilizations

North African civilization impact on “Western” civilizations. The central argument of this paper stems from the submission that colonialism, slave trade and missionary are the platform upon which Western civilisation and culture thrive and are sustained. While insisting that Western civilisation and culture has precariously contaminated the traditional values of Africa, the paper contends that Africa had established, well before the advent of colonialism, a pattern of home-grown political systems, governance process and generally acceptable institutional rule-making arrangement, such that there was progression in the pace of civilisation of Africa and self-styled tempo of technological development.  Between 500 BCE to 1204 CE, did North African and Near Eastern civilizations have a greater impact on “Western” civilizations like Greece and Rome, or was influence stronger from “the West” to North Africa and the Near East?

North African civilization impact on “Western” civilizations

There is no single right answer to this question. It is up to you to design a persuasive argumentative thesis statement based on the lecture and reading materials from the first half of our course. You may choose to argue that the “West” and “East” the mutually influenced each other to an equal extent. Regardless, your thesis statement needs analytical categories based on specific social, cultural, or economic historical dynamics discussed in our class. In other words, it needs to explain why. You cannot just re-state the question—you need a thesis statement that refers to specific factors. Your argument must then be backed up by the detailed evidence from both the lectures and readings. This essay should be between 750-1000 words in Times New Roman size 12 font. You are required to include at least 5 key words from the lecture, as well as footnotes (Chicago/Turabian) to at least 3 of the assigned MacGregor or primary source readings.

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