Non-Proliferation Treaty

Non-Proliferation Treaty

the role of the NPT Treaty (Non-Proliferation Treaty) in the world by choosing 4 countries of your choice (including the US) and reflect on the history and purpose of the treaty.  Please conclude and reflect throughout your summary if you are pro or against the treaty in regards to the countries of your choice. 

Questions and Guidelines to Consider:

  1. Why is this Treaty important?
  2. Reflect on its importance in the world and on its Historical impact!
  3. Why you chose to be pro or against this Treaty?
  4. Why the countries of your choice are pro or against this Treaty?
  5. When were these country members signed this Treaty? And if so why?
  6. What reforms would you suggest for this Treaty? Or not and why?
  7. Why are you against this Treaty?
  8. Reflect on the Causes and Effects on this Treaty!

Suggested Resources:  

Three Things to Know about the NPT (Council on Foreign Relations)

NPT Review (NATO)

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