Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo

I was in my fourth year high school since I last watch a play. It was about El Filibusterismo, the second novel of Dr. Jose Rizal. I somewhat forgot the story of the two popular novels of Rizal that is why I was so excited to watch the play of the Dulaang UP, Noli me Tangere: The Opera. It was not a usual play compared to the plays I had watched during my high school days. It was not a normal act that the actors/ actresses must play the role assigned to them and say their lines followed in the script. In an opera they needed to execute a dramatic work combining text (libretto) and musical score.
It is really difficult to perform in a musical play and also the fact that performing in front of many people is uneasy. But as I watch the play, the characters were comfortable and love what they are doing which I really liked about them. Many years have passed so my knowledge about the novel is very little. But the play gave a better way of telling and understanding the story. So as it came along I have remembered the novel scene by scene and chapters by chapters. The play inspired me in a better appreciation of Rizal’s Noli me Tangere because I truly felt the emotions showcased by the performers.
It was full of passion. You will really feel the nationalism being portrayed by the actors in the play. It made me realized the importance and the role of the two novels, Noli me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, in helping the Filipino people to become conscious that the doings of the colonizers were inhumane. It is no doubt that these novels were one of the reasons that boosted and led our heroes to revolt against the Spaniards. It was my first time to watch an opera and it was splendid. Since it was my first, I really watched the play very well.

I was truly amazed with the voices of the actors and actresses especially the one who were playing as Maria Clara. I was hook with her voice throughout the play because of its wide range and it was so extreme. The accompaniment made the production complete. It gave the wonderful voices of the young and talented artists to be more powerful and pleasant to hear. It also gave the story more life and made the audience to feel the emotions of the actors. The setting was full of Philippine indigenous materials and the costumes of the performers were made of inabel cloth which created a good connection to the audience.
It helped them to sense the past and to think about the cultures, beautiful places, clean surroundings, traditions, customs and beliefs that we have before. The choreography, special props, lightings and sound effects made the production enjoyable to watch, livelier and more intense. Sum it all up, the presentation was truly great. But I know they are still lot of rooms for improvement. They can still make the play to be more interesting and more enjoyable to watch. So if I were to rate the production, five (5) being the highest and one (1) being the lowest, I would give them a four (4).