Noise vs Music

Noise vs Music.
Was there a time in your life when you grew to dislike certain favorites? Like when you were a child you favored three spoonful of sugar over a half spoonful sugar for coffee? Or a time when you liked wearing your hair long and then soon came to like short ones, only to realize you like wearing your hair long once more? Our preferences changes from time to time – just as how our moods changes whenever we are in different situations. We think, decide and changes our mind.
In everything we do, there’s this constant thing we create – change. How can we say that a certain sound may also be both to a certain listener? Remember that we perceive sounds by our auditory senses – our ears. We hear sounds every second of our life, a constant thing, but what we want to hear changes from time to time. Say we want to listen to a genre of techno music at this moment; for the meantime, this is what we call as our music.
And just as how we perceive this certain genre as our music, any time of the day or year, this too can also become a noise for us should we soon dislike listening to it. The same goes to other people out there. A change in mood and likes in things especially on sounds they perceive changes. A student preparing for his examination the following day would prefer mellow-toned songs to soothe and relax his mind to study while at the same time hating the noise he hears on the other side of the room his brother is listening to – a music for him.

Keep in mind how unique each person is, their personalities may be alike in some ways, but they will never be the same in everything. Two people may like similar genres but there too is a genre where one may call it music while the other noise to his ears. So don’t wonder whenever a friend of yours comes to dislike certain music, food, or anything. Nothing is permanent. Their view in things differs from time to time as well and will definitely be different from you.

Noise vs Music

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