New Entrepreneur M1A2 Discussion

Assignment 2: DiscussionBy the due date assigned, respond to the following in the Discussion Area below:

You are an entrepreneur on the verge of starting a new company. Describe the company you are planning to start. Is it a service or a manufacturing company? What will be your main source of operating revenue? What expenses are you anticipating? Categorize your anticipated costs as period or product costs and identify whether each is an indirect or a direct cost. Identify your direct materials, direct labor, and manufacturing overhead costs.
Remember, the information you gather in this assignment will contribute to your final project due in Module 5.
Be sure to cite any sources using APA style. You may use this APA Citation Helper as a guide.
Through the end of the module, provide substantive responses to at least two other students’ initial posts.
Assignment 2 Grading Criteria Maximum Points Initial Response 20 Discussion Participation 20 Writing Craftsmanship and Ethical Scholarship 10 Total:50