Nepotism in the work place

Thesis paper.


Business, organizational problem, or topic
Problem statement

Purpose of the Study

One research question
Hypothesis regarding the research question
provide your rationale for selecting your proposed research strategy


Research strategy that you will use to explore the problem
Method for securing the sample population
Method for delivery of the survey instrument
Research instrument to collect data

Include a copy of the actual survey, complete with the introduction to the study (including all of the ethical considerations that should be included in the survey introduction. 

The following information MUST be included:

The business, organizational problem, or topic
The problem statement
The research strategy that you will use to explore the problem
1 research question
Your rationale for selecting your proposed research strategy
1 research instrument that you will use to collect data
A questionnaire or survey with at least 5 research questions for the study

Survey example:

What do you know about Brand X?
Would you be willing to try Brand X if a free sample was available?
If you answered yes to Question 2, please explain why.
What is one of the most important features of a product for you?
How do you decide what product to buy?

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