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Once you have built an agenda for your policy,  developed a policy proposal plan, and strategically analyzed the  composition of the audience to which you will present your policy  proposal, you must now be prepared to defend it.
In  this Assignment, you will submit a video presentation summary of the  policy proposal you created from last week’s Discussion. This is a  simulation for a presentation summary you would make to policy leaders.

Make sure that your summary presentation  provides a solid rationale  for the passage of your policy, using  reputable sources from experts in  the field. This should be a simulation  of a summary presentation you  would make to “real-world” policy  leaders, so make sure you are  succinct and informative. You can include  any visual aids that you  think help your presentation.
topic  Prescription Drug Monitoring Program  in New york
Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP)
Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP)
Make sure that your assertions are supported by appropriate research and reputable resources.
 The common elements of a policy research proposal are:

Rationale for the research
Goal/Objectives of the Research
Research Methods
Expected Results/Policy Relevance
Institution and personnel
Timeline and Budget

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