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NEED IN 3 HOURS!!! 300-words total. Forum Responses to classmates post

NEED IN 3 HOURS!!! 300-words total. Forum Responses to classmates post.   
NEED IN 3 HOURS!!! 300-words total. Forum Responses to classmates post 

I need a 100 word response to each of the following forum post made by my classmates to the main forum. (300-words total for this assignment). I am attaching the main forum question as an attachment for reference. (you are only responding to my classmates responses and not the main forum).

Forum #1

My program evaluation will focus on The Zone Tutoring/Computer Lab at Kilgore College. The Zone offers free peer tutoring, computer-use, and printing to all Kilgore College students. I plan to evaluate its effectiveness on student success.

1. How many students attend the tutoring/computer lab per semester?
2. Out of these students, how many use the computer only? And how many use a tutor?
3. Out of these students, how many successfully completed their courses?
4. Out of these students, how many returned the next semester?
5. Do the students find the tutoring/computer lab helpful? How could it be improved?
6. How can we get more students to attend the tutoring/computer lab?

Forum #2

My evaluation project will be evaluating the new hire orientation and onboarding process at my current company, City Utilities of Springfield. I want to evaluate the orientation and onboarding process to make sure that the new employees are receiving what the company believes they are providing. At my company, a lot of things are done “just because that is how it’s always been done.” This isn’t the best mindset to have and so I want to evaluate the processes to ensure they are good. I also want to evaluate if the amount of time and money spent on this area has a good return, and the employees actually enjoy it and learn from it.

1. How many new hire orientations do you have annually?
2. How much time is spent preparing for one new hire orientation and onboarding?
3. How much money is spent preparing orientation and onboarding?
4. What feedback, if any do you receive from the new hires?
5. How do you enhance or adjust orientation and onboarding from year to year?
6. What is the goal of orientation and onboarding? Do you feel like you are meeting that goal?
7. What could be an alternative for new hire orientation and onboarding?

Forum #3

Hello everyone,

The purpose of my project is to ascertain whether the new Performance Managment system, that was implemented a year, ago has achieved its goal of increasing employee morale and shifting the culture within the Department of Defense. This will be Level 3 in the Kirkpatrick model. The new appraisal system– DOD Performance Management Appraisal Program (DPMAP) was implemented with instructor lead classes that included executive leaders, managers, and employees together as to increase transparency. The system has moved away from the antiquated paper-based appraisals to a more streamlined fully automated system that is regulated outside of the organization. All evaluations are timed and dated to ensure compliance with timely ratings.  Ultimately, the goal was to allow employees more autonomy while engaging leaders to recognize and award performance on-the-spot that was outstanding. This, in turn, would increase employee morale. What I would like to know is if the guidelines were followed, if employees notice a difference, and if there are any issues navigating the new online system. My questions below will be scaled on a 1 to 5 basis (1 being strongly disagreed and 5 being strongly agreed) with 3.70 and above Representing that DPMAP has positively impacted the organization and employee morale, scores between 3.01 and 3.69 represent average impact, and scores 3.0 and below represents below average impact.  

1. The new Performance Management System has made a positive impact.
2. I have increased my knowledge regarding Performance Management.
3. On-the-spot awards and recognition have increased with DPMAP.
4. Working conditions are exceptional when compared to other organizations.
5. The Performance Management System is easy to navigate.
6. Employee morale has increased with DPMAP.
7. Supervisors and leaders follow the guidelines for DPMAP.
8. Accountability has increased with DPMAP.
9. Autonomy has increased with DPMAP.

NEED IN 3 HOURS!!! 300-words total. Forum Responses to classmates post

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