Need by Wednesday at 8:00 pm est Discussion: Article Summary 4


Research industry news and relate it to the interests of a company or professional marketer
Communicate with professional peers regarding industry advancements and events

During this week of class, we’ll each be providing our section marketing article selection for discussion.  This discussion will operate identically to the discussion in the previous weeks of class and at least one original post and one reply post will be required.  More interaction than the minimum is encouraged as discussion really helps solidify the concepts we’re observing and learning this term.
Original post (due Wednesday night)
Browse through marketing news and research to identify an article to share with the class.  You’ll be required to write a summary of the article (at least one full paragraph), and provide a link to the article as an APA-formatted reference.
The article should come from academic or trade journals, or respected business publications. Important press announcements could also be considered but please take into consideration the quality of the source. 
Reply post (due Sunday night)
Comment on at least one classmate’s original post between Thursday morning and Sunday night using the RISE Model for Peer Feedback. Use of the RISE Model has been detailed in previous courses, but you can get a refresher at:

Find a relevant marketing article
Write a review summary of the article on this discussion board 
Include an APA-formatted reference (with hyperlink) for the article
Reply to at least one classmate’s post using the RISE Model for Peer Feedback

Article Source Suggestions
The following publications are often rich sources of relevant articles:

Journal of Marketing
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
Wall Street Journal / Business Week / Forbes
AdWeek / AdAge
Another respectable publication of your choice

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